Traveling with your pet? Here are our 6 road safety tips

We like taking our pets out whenever we can, on short trips, family visits, when running errands, or taking a vacation. While we enjoy the rides, it is super important to keep ourselves and our pets safe. Here are our 6 safety tips for driving with your pets.

1. Keep your pet restrained

Our pets may like to have complete freedom and mobility in our cars. However, loose pets can become a dangerous distraction for the driver. Unrestrained pets can go under the driver’s feet, jump on the dashboard, or on the driver’s lap and become a deadly distraction. Also, in case of an accident they can get injured or escape from the vehicle.

Use harnesses, crates and other products to keep your pet restrained and safe.

2. Never sit your pet in the front seat

It may be fun having our pet nearby in the front seat, but this is not safe. Just as with children, pets could be injured if the airbag deploys. Never keep them in the front seat restrained or unrestrained. The back seats are perfect!

3. Keep your pet inside the car while driving

Pets love having their heads or paws out of the window and feel the breeze. This is not a good idea from a safety perspective. Small rocks or other debris could end up in the pet’s eyes or mouth, leading to possible expensive eye surgery.

4. Turn off power windows

If you have power windows, beware. Your pet could accidentally open and close them by just pressing the button with their cute paws. This may be particularly dangerous because they can close the window on their neck and choke. It’s not worth the risk.

5. Never leave your pet in a hot car

A car gets hot really quickly under the burning sun. Never leave your pet in the car unattended, especially on hot days. Even if you leave the window slightly open and run for a quick errand, your pet is in serious danger of heatstroke. A few minutes can be fatal. Take your pet with you or make other arrangements for them. In fact, it’s best to never leave your pet alone in the car regardless of weather.

6. Take breaks during long drives

If you are going for a long, exciting drive with your pet, don’t forget to take regular breaks to let your pet stretch, move a bit, and do its business. It will not only help them, but you will feel better and enjoy the ride more.

These are our 6 safety tips for driving with your pet.

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Keep your pet and yourself safe so you can enjoy every moment together!

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