When Your Indoor Cat Wants To Go Outside

Do you have an indoor cat that has started expressing interest in going out? Pet safety is a priority for every parent. There are certain hazards your cat can face if they venture out and are allowed to roam freely. Some of the risks include contracting infections or getting injuries. Here are some safe ways you can let your indoor cat experience the outdoors safely:

Carry your cat

If you have a backyard, you could carry your cat outside and let them explore, sniff, and enjoy the sight and sounds of birds. Keep these explorations short especially in the beginning. It is best to keep on holding your cat so they can look around and familiarize themselves to their surrounding. Cats are curious by nature and if you put them down, there is a chance they will run around and start exploring on their own.

Leash training

This may be a tough one for some cats! Although cats can be trained to harness and leash, using a gradual method of training is better. Initially your cat may find it difficult to walk in it and will feel uncomfortable. Cats tend to feel confined by the additional weight of the harnesses and may plop on he fall and lie down. Test and try the leash indoors and help them feel comfortable before you take your cat outside A slow and steady approach will help make your cat feel more confident with the leash on.

Build an enclosure

If you are a DIY person, consider building an outdoor enclosure for your cat. For cats who prefer to roam around and are hard to hold, outdoor enclosures are perfect and will allow them to walk and explore.You can build one from the scratch or order assembled ones. With enclosures, your cat can be outdoors in fresh air and smell the grass without venturing far from the house. Add a few toys and make it even more fun for them.

Take a carrier

Whether you want to take your cat to the vet, for a walk, traveling or visiting friends, a carrier is a great way to take them around.Make your kitty your traveling buddy with a personal vest-style carrier. Another option is to invest in a walker or stroller. Kittywalk Stroller provides the right experience so your cat can enjoy the outdoors while staying protected from the sun and insects.

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