Why attending pet events is so much fun!

If you are a pet lover like we are, there’s no better way to celebrate diversity and friendship between us and our pets than attending a pet-friendly event. As we, at PAWS En Route, are getting ready to participate in the Canadian Pet Expo, we made a list of our favorite things about attending pet shows.

Exciting interactive events

Pet shows are fun and interactive. There are hundreds of activities for you and your pet. You can meet pets of different breeds (dogs, cats, reptiles, and more), see the pet talent demonstrations, participate in contests, and enjoy the company of experts and pet lovers. While bringing your pet along is fun, keep in mind that your pet needs to be current on vaccination in order to be able to attend

Photo Courtesy: Canadian Pet Expo

Shop, shop, shop

Pet expos have hundreds, if not thousands of vendors showcasing their pet products and services. You can shop for the newest, most exciting products, from foods and treats, to pet care products, toys, and personalized accessories. Also, many of the pet shows have grooming areas were your pet can get groomed and you can learn a few tricks.

It is educational

Many pet shows are promoting responsible ownership. You can participate in panel discussions, seminars, demonstrations to learn from experts how to choose pets, how to take better care of them, how to understand and meet their different needs, how to keep them safe, etc. This knowledge will help you take proper care of your pets so that they are healthier and happier.

Special deals and discounts

At the pet expos you will find tons of special deals, giveaways, and prizes. It is a unique opportunity to try new things, get goodies at special prices, see what are your pet’s favorite products and activities and to just have fun.

Adopt a pet

If you decided to get a new family member, some pet expos have animals available for adoption. There are animals of different breeds, sizes and with different personalities. You can also get advice on any questions that you may have.

Family fun

Pet shows are a lot of fun for the ENTIRE family. It is a great way to spend a day with your partner, kids, parents, friends, and, of course… your pets. There is something for every age. You can meet pet celebrities, interact with animals of different breeds, try new things, and simply spend an exciting and memorable time together. It is truly an experience.

These are our favorite things about attending pet events. We hope you find them useful and will attend the next pet show in your area.

If you and your pet need a ride to a pet event, vet appointment, day care or anywhere else, we are here for you. Just request a ride at PAWS En Route.

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