Why Should You Choose a Pet Relocation Service?

If you’re planning on moving – whether it’s across town or across the country – you’ll be facing a lot of decisions.  If you’re moving with pets, the situation is even more complicated.  Moving with pets can be difficult, particularly if they’ve never traveled before, and there are numerous health and safety issues to consider.

Fortunately, a Toronto pet relocation service can make the move a lot easier!

How Pet Relocation Services in Toronto Make Your Move Easier

A pet relocation service is your go-to expert on planning for the move, as well as doing the actual transportation!

Much like other private taxi services, these companies provide cars and drivers to take you from A to B.  Except, in this case, the vehicles are specially outfitted with extra devices and options to help ensure your pet’s safety.  This can include special harnesses and padding to provide extra protection, as well as water and food sources, toys, and other amenities to make the ride more comfortable.

Plus, your pet will be riding with someone who genuinely loves pets and wants to see your furry loved ones arrive safely!

What to Look for in a Pet Relocation Service

Obviously, you don’t want to trust your pet to just anyone – even if you’ll be riding along.  Here are some of the most important factors to look for and ask about when you call around.

  • How many years have they been in business, and how experienced are their drivers?
  • What sort of insurance do they carry?  Are they bonded?  Will your pets be covered in an accident?
  • How will you remain in contact with the company while your pet is en route? (If you aren’t riding along.)
  • What amenities do they provide within their vehicles?
  • How often do they service their vehicles?  Ask for service records – reputable companies will happily show you that they’re safe and reliable.
  • Do they complete a full criminal background check as well as review each driver’s driving abstract from the local province or state?  Is there a zero-tolerance policy for offences and violations?
  • Referrals from other customers.  Word of mouth is still a great way to judge a company.

In addition, don’t forget to check in with your vet before the move!  They’ll be able to give your pet a check-up and ensure they’re healthy enough to travel safely.

Paws en route Are Your Toronto Pet Relocation Experts!

We are highly experienced pet transportation specialists who are dedicated to seeing every pet in our care arrive safely.  We can assist with both ground and air transportation, and we’ll be happy to advise you on your options when you contact us.

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